Late last year the Government announced a new Winter Energy Payment to help people receiving NZ Super, Veteran’s Pension and government assistance with the cost of heating their home over winter.

Couples and people with dependent children will get $31.82 a week, and single people will get $20.46.

The payment will begin on 1 July this year and will be paid with your usual NZ Super or Veteran’s Pension until 30 September.

The Ministry of Social Development has had a few questions since the announcement, and thought you might find the following useful:

Do I need to apply for the Winter Energy Payment?

No. You’ll get the payment automatically. It will be paid with your NZ Super or Veteran’s Pension. You don’t need to apply.

Will I be paid at the couple or single rate?

Couples will be paid at the couple rate, whether you live in the same house or not. Single people will be paid at the single rate, even if you share a house with others who are eligible for the Winter Energy Payment.

Why is the Winter Energy Payment higher for couples?

The Winter Energy Payment has been calculated to reflect the higher heating costs for households of more than one person.

Water heating costs, for example, are higher for these households.

My partner and I both get NZ Super. Will we each receive a payment?

If you’re both eligible for the couple’s payment, the full amount will paid into one of your accounts.

Is the Winter Energy Payment taxable income?

No, you don’t pay tax on the Winter Energy Payment.

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