What’s up in January 2020 at the Aotea Family Support Group?

Aotea Family Support Group Monthly Notices And News

Supporting residents since 1988

In the winter of 1988, a group of women founded the Aotea Family Support Group, recognising that there were little resources in the community to support those who were trying to help families.

In the spirit of a community ‘taking care of their own’, the mission of this group became to provide social services to the people of Great Barrier Island that assist in addressing their social, physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Now, a generation on, the Support Group assists people in need of support of all ages across the island. We employ around 40 staff and reach maybe a third of the community directly with our services, not counting public events like the New Year’s Picnic.

This work is possible thanks to on-going funding from the Great Barrier Local Board, Auckland Council, the Lotteries Grants Board, Foundation North, COGS, the Ministry of Children and the Department of Health, as well as the generous support of many individuals.

Our work is possible thanks to …

Mentoring young people

Positive role models and buddies for youth.

Good experience with a ‘big buddy’ programme during the last year has led the trust to plan for a long-term youth mentoring project, which Debra Badraun will be preparing. Provided sufficient sponsorship can be found, we expect to start working with youth enrolled at school 13 years and older from term 2. Want to help with a contribution? Get in touch!

Need to talk?

Subsidised counselling for children and parents.

If you want to sit down with a professional and, in confidence, talk through issues you are having to deal with, Cait Devey is an accredited counsellor.

Counselling for children and their families is subsidised thanks to the Ministry for Children, Oranga Tamariki, and the Ministry of Health.

You can contact Cait in confidence on 021 222 6410.

About Us

Supporting Families on Great Barrier Island since 1988.

The Aotea Family Support Group Charitable Trust has been helping families and the community on Great Barrier Island for 3 decades.
Find out more online at www.aoteafamilysupport.co.nz.

You can also stay up-to-date by following us on Facebook, @AoteaFamilySupportGroup.

The office is open daily, except Wed, at least 9 to 1:30.
For general enquiries you can call Sue Thompson on 4290 465, or reach Sue Eves, Lisa and Rendt directly on 4290 174.
Or email: office.

Kellie Cleave, the Community Worker, is based in the annex of the Aotea Health Centre in Claris, and can be reached on 4290 386.
Her email is kellie.cleave@aoteafamilysupport.co.nz. In the New Year, the office opens again 6 January. Call 4290 465 until then.


Our goal: Giving every island resident the opportunity to live healthy, fulfilling, independent lives, and to fully participate in the community. So in 2019 we organized …

January School Holiday Programme

Holiday fun for school children.

Monday 13th: Colour fight / Photography

Who: All school kids

What: Colour fight fun & camera shots (must bring eye protection)

Where: Akapoua Campsite

Tuesday 14st: Snorkelling / Mermaid Pools

Who: All school kids

What: Explore for fish and swim in the mermaid pools

Where: Sugar loaf

Wednesday 15th: Beach Yoga

Who: All school kids

What: Beach yoga with Sharlamon

Where: Harataonga Beach

Thursday 16th: Sports Day

Who: All school kids

What: Tennis, cricket & Soccer competitions

Where: Tryphena Club

Friday 17th: Dance

Who: All school Kids

What: Freestyle dance with Shobana

Where: Tryphena Hall

Monday 20th: Building / Art

Who: All School Kids

What: Building Penguin boxes and creating art

Where: Okiwi Park

Tuesday 21st: Beach, Games, Swimming & Sausage Sizzle

Who: All school kids

What: SUP boarding and the big flamingo water play, corn hole, cub & beach fun activities

Where: Gooseberry Flats

Wednesday 22nd: Water Fight / Pool

Who: All school Kids

What: Lets get wet and wild

Where: Kaitoke School

Thursday 23rd: Adventure Race

Who: All school kids

What: Racing around finding the clues

Where: Claris Conference Centre

Friday 24th: Orama / Waterslide Fun & Walk

Who: All school kids

What: slip & slide, play some sports and go for walk

Where: Orama

To find out more, get a flyer from us or the shops, or check online at www.aoteafamilysupport.co.nz. You must book in and pay by Jan 7t

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