What’s up in August at the Aotea Family Support Group?

In this issue: New AFSG Youth Program|| Short Term Job Vacancy || Info for Seniors Shopping with New World || Needing Legal Advice? Ask Robin Harrington || Te Tiriti o Waitangi and Partnering with Māori – Workshop || Over 60s Mid-Winter Lunch 21st August || AFSG Senior Activity 27th August

**New AFSG Youth Program**

Our island community is morphing and growing in many ways. Amongst those who are navigating and leading this change are our young people. AFSG is keen to listen to these young voices aged between 12-21. We are working collaboratively with the students and their whanau, with the staff of the Aotea Learning Hub, Kawa and Motairehe Marae as well as other community groups and individuals, to provide a point of connection for islanders young and old to share skills with each other for learning and mutual support. The focus is the well-being of our young people, helping them to reconnect with education, find new ways of learning, to strengthen connections and broaden horizons at the same time. Leading this program is Deb Badraun along with Sam Grimshaw and Rodney Ngawaka.

Together they provide support through individual goal and action planning, information, advice and guidance around careers pathways or further study options. The aim is to encourage physical, social, and emotional well-being around healthy lifestyle options by offering a supportive, non-judgmental environment. They can also provide information, referral, advocacy, and support for young people who are at risk or in crisis.

If you would like to talk more about this initiative, you can call Rodney Ngawaka (022 461 7150) or Sam Grimshaw (021 029 786 08).

Email; youth.navigator@aoteafamilysupport.co.nz

Or to contact the program coordinator email:  Deb.badraun@aoteafamilysupport.co.nz  

Funded by the Ministry for Youth Development – Akonga Youth Development Community Fund

Short Term Job Vacancy

AFSG looking for a Fundraising assistant for the New Year’s Picnic 2021.

Applicants must be organized, have good communication skills, access to a computer and Wi-Fi, plus your own car. Will mostly be working on fundraising aspect of NYP but will also gain knowledge of event management. Approx. 30+ flexible hours of admin/prep between Sept and Dec and need to be available for assisting around the dates of the NYP. (1st/2nd/3rd Jan 2022.). Rate $25 per hour. Interested? Please contact AFSG office on ph 4290 465  office@aoteafamilysupport.co.nz

**info for Seniors shopping with New World**

New World are offering a 5% Gold Card Tuesday Discount to GBI customers. You will need to supply them with a copy of your gold card and photo ID. We can help with this so, if you’re interested in using this discount, please contact Pru for more details.

** Needing legal advice? Ask Robin Harrington… **

Robin Harrington is an experienced lawyer who specialises in civil (as opposed to criminal) dispute work – mostly involving relationship property, trusts, contracts, property and neighbour issues (website www.harringtonlaw.co.nz for more information).  She is available for free half hour appointments once a month at the Community Worker office in Claris. Please contact Kellie for dates and to make a booking.

Te Tiriti o Waitangi and Partnering with Māori -workshop

Thanks to ANCAD and Hilary Star Foged we have the opportunity to run a workshop focusing on what the Treaty of Waitangi is about, what happened, and what is happening now in Aotearoa with regards to the treaty being applied. How do we build partnership/relationships with Maori? Practical ideas, making changes, and hearing other stories of how communities have built relationships & partnerships with Maori. Pre-workshop reading material will be supplied.

Date: 16th August Claris Conference Centre.

Cost $50pp || 10am to 4pm || Morning tea & lunch provided || Register with Lisa Eves, Ph 4290174 or email office@aoteafamilysupport.co.nz

Over 60s Mid-Winter Lunch at
Barrier Social Club, Tryphena
Saturday 21st August at 12:00pm

Please book by no later than 13th of August. You can call 962 or email: pru.mcdonald@aoteafamilysupport.co.nz

Mains ($12.00)
All mains come with a medley of roasted winter vegetables, Steamed winter greens & buffet roll 
1. Roast chicken with cranberry stuffing & gravy Orange glazed ham
2. Pine nut, pesto & feta filo
 Dessert ($5.00)
1. Pavlova with berries, cream & vanilla ice cream 
2. Sticky date pudding with brandy butterscotch sauce & vanilla ice cream 

Your caterer: Kat and Jonquil

Your hostess: Pru McDonald and, Lisa Eves

Bookings: Email pru.mcdonald@aoteafamilysupport.co.nz, or call 962.

Cancellation: Please, if you miss the cut-off date but still wish to attend, or are unable to attend, call Pru on 174, not the caterer.

Transport: Pick up at Claris, Crossroads at 11:00 AM, then all along the way to the Social Club by 12pm.

Next event: 18th September at the Currach Irish Pub

AFSG Senior Activity- 27th August- DOC office’s

This month’s trip is to the DOC offices in Okiwi for a talk around conservation and a shared picnic lunch.

If you would like to take part in this trip… please contact Pru before the 23rd of August.

Booking: Email pru.mcdonald@aoteafamilysupport.co.nz, or call 962.

Transport: 10am at Mulberry Grove School

Cancellation: If numbers are insufficient, we reserve the right to cancel this event. We will let you know if this happens.

Meals and outings for senior residents are subsidised by
Auckland Council thanks to the GB Local Board

More About AFSG, Our Services and Contacts

Giving every island resident the opportunity to live healthy, fulfilling, independent lives, and to fully participate in the community.

The Aotea Family Support Group Charitable Trust has been supporting families and the community on Great Barrier Island since 1988.Find out more online: www.aoteafamilysupport.co.nz

You can follow us on Facebook, @AoteaFamilySupportGroup.

The office is open daily from 9am – 3pm. For general enquiries you can call us on 4290465 or reach Lisa Eves directly on 4290 174. Email: office@aoteafamilysupport.co.nz.

Kellie Cleave is our Community Worker and is based in the annex of the Aotea Health Centre, 8am to 3pm on Mon, Tue, Thu. On alternating Wednesdays, she is in Tryphena and the North– call or email to make an appointment: Tel 4290386 or kellie.cleave@aoteafamilysupport.co.nz.

Keri Lyon coordinates youth activities. Reach her on 021 105 0912 or email keri.lyon@aoteafamilysupport.co.nz.

Deborah Badraun coordinates the Youth Navigator and Mentoring Programmes: deborah.badraun@aoteafamilysupport.co.nz.

Your Mental Health

If you want to sit down with a professional and, in confidence, talk through issues you are having to deal with, Cait Devey is an accredited counsellor. Counselling for children and their families is subsidised thanks to the Ministry for Children, Oranga Tamariki, and the Ministry of Health. You can call or text Cait on 021 222 6410.

Feeling desperate? Just reach out!

Apart from our counsellor, there are other numbers you can also call:

Suicide Crisis Helpline 24/7         Ph 0508 828 865

HELP! Txt 4357

Kids Line 24/7    Ph 0800 543 754

More help

Find further places to call for support on our website at www.aoteafamilysupport.conz/find-help or contact us directly for assistance.

Our work is possible thanks to ongoing financial support from The Aotea/Great Barrier Local Board, Foundation North, and the Lottery Grants Board, as well as others.Monthly notices and news from the Aotea Family Support Group. This is an electronic version of the A5 folded leaflet delivered to all mail boxes on Great Barrier Island. If you would like to no longer receive this email, simply reply to the sender to say so.

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