Youth Opportunity Grant

The Youth Opportunity Grant is offered every two years in May/June (odd years, not even), with a closing date of 30th June and is open to Great Barrier youth aged 13 to 17 years of age.

The grant should be for:

  • a specific purpose, event, learning opportunity
  • something you are motivated and/or inspired to do
  • something that may further develop your skills, passions, or hobbies or a learning opportunity that could enhance your employment prospects

The sum offered is confirmed in the May meeting of the Aotea Family Support Group but is currently $2000. The grant will be advertised in the Barrier Bulletin.

Applications need to be in writing to the office of the Aotea Family Support Group with as much information and detail of costs and dates as possible. The trustees will make a decision at the July meeting of the Aotea Family Support Group. The decision will be sent to the applicants in writing and the winning applicant will receive the grant by cheque or online payment.

The successful applicant will be expected to write an account of their experience for the trustees and possibly also for publication.

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