School holiday program

Every term break, and at the end of the summer break, we run an action-packed holiday programme. Read more about our holiday programmes here.

After school program

Once a week after school during term time, school students take part in different activities, to meet up and to do things together, from playing team games, physical outdoors activities, or working together to raise funds for the end-of-year youth trip.

Kaiārahi Rangatahi/ Youth Navigator Program

‘He waka eke noa’
(We sail this waka together)
Our island community is morphing and growing in many ways. Those who are navigating and leading this change are our young people.
Find more information here:

Youth trips

For the year 7 and 8s there is an exciting trip every year, normally alternating off and on-island. In 2019 it was a visit to Auckland, with visits to the police, a bank, the botanical gardens, the museum, and a train ride to Rainbows End.

Home Help Scheme

Helping isolated elderly people get assistance and caregiving in their homes.

Crisis Support

The Support Group can often help people that find themselves in crisis. Call us or call in to find out if we can be of assistance with emergency travel, food grants or other issues that you need help with.


Counselling is available on a regular basis and is subsidised through the Aotea Family Support Group. It is available to people of all ages and is provided by fully qualified family counsellors. There is a small cost for the consultation. All children’s counselling is free.


Sometimes you just need someone on your side to get through bureaucracy and find the help you are entitled to. Come and talk to us if you feel stuck.​

Funding advice

Do you have a project idea and is there a group of you ready to start but in need of funding? The staff at the Support Group can advise other groups on finding funding​ agencies and with the preparation of grant applications.

Youth Opportunity Grant

The Youth Opportunity Grant is offered every two years in May/June (odd years, not even), with a closing date of 30th June and is open to Great Barrier youth aged 13 to 17 years of age. Read more

Aotea Youth Mentoring programme

After a pilot in 2019, this programme started up in 2020 and is now well established, with mentors meeting their mentees every week for fun activities.
Read more here.

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