with   Lucy AitkenRead, mother, writer, activist.

Saturday 14th April 2018 at Medlands Haven from 10am to 4pm

You are invited to take part in an Inner Child Circle. We all carry around with us our own experience of childhood. How we were raised, the experiences we went through and the memories we hold all have an enormous influence on our adult lives and our ability to parent with connection and empathy. 

Are your childhood memories full of joy? Pain? A mixture of both? Sometimes, without us even being aware of it, these memories rear up and cause us to respond with anger and frustration towards our children. 

Spending some time with the emotions of our childhood can help us:

  • Break the cycle of old behavioural patterns
  • Heal past wounds
  • Get to know our child on a deep heart to heart level
  • Develop a relationship of trust and listening with our children
  • Parent with more joy and empathy
  • Gain more insight into our own triggers and our children’s confusing behaviours
  • Strengthen our connection to ourselves, our families and our communities

This Inner Child Circle will help you feel empowered to be the connected and empathetic parent you want to be.

$10.00 contribution per family, morning and afternoon tea provided.

We also have child minding available for those that require it.

To book into the workshop and child minding please contact me on 0211280267 or book online via our website www.aoteafamilysupport.co.nz

Kellie Cleave

Made possible thanks to our Local Board and Auckland Council

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