April School Holiday Programme

Monday 16th Treasure Hunt: Racing for the treasure at Awana Beach. Bring: Camera (Phone), Lunch, Shoes, Backpack, Togs, Towel.

Tuesday 17th Junior Builders: Learn basic carpentry and make a Penguin Box. Bring: Hammer, Lunch, Shoes.

Wednesday 18th Pizza Making: The Chef at the Currach is going to run a pizza making session. Bring: Rolling pin, Apron, Shoes

Thursday 19th Glenfern Sanctuary: Exploration of Glenfern Sanctuary, learning about different trees and plants, and then we go for a swim at the waterfall. 3:30pm return to Tryphena! Bring: Togs, Walking shoes, Back pack, Towel, Lunch.

Friday 20th Rock painting with Bella: We will collect rocks from the beach, paint them with Bella at Okiwi School and then deliver the Penguin Boxes made on Tuesday to DOC. 3pm return to Tryphena! Bring: Lunch, Painting clothes.

Monday 23rd Kayak Exploring: We will explore around the bays from Mulberry Grove. Bring: Togs, Lunch, Towel, Snorkelling gear.

Tuesday 24th Bivouac Making and Wharf Jumping: An action day, first building bivys in the bush and then we go jumping off Tryphena Wharf – if you dare. Bring: Shoes, Togs, Towel, Lunch.

Wednesday 25th is Anzac Day.

Thursday 26th Day Walk: Walk the Haratoanga track to the lookout. Bring: Water, Shoes, Backpacks, Lunch.

Friday 27th Slack Lining / BBQ / Beach day: Celebrate the last day of the holidays by balancing on a slackline and enjoying other beach games followed by a BBQ. Parents welcome. Bring: Togs.

All events normally run 10 to 2pm, with pick-up/drop off at from Tryphena half an hour before and after the activity, i.e. 9:30 and 2:30. But events at Okiwi and Fitzroy involve more travel so note the later return times.

Please bring 1. suitable clothing, 2. appropriate footwear, 3. Sun protection, 4. packed lunch and 5. water bottle, as well as other gear as per programme.

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Download the Letter to parents and Programme for April 2018 SHP.


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