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Peaceful conflict resolution skills training: the journey to ‘being your own mediator.’ @ Community Art Gallery
Aug 30 @ 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Peaceful conflict resolution skills training: the journey to 'being your own mediator.' @ Community Art Gallery

A training workshop to provide a personal and professional conflict resolution toolkit which equips individuals with awareness and skills to build positive, caring relationships with others especially in times of conflict.

“We are losing the ability to be able to build positive, connected, constructive, relationships especially in conflict situations. In my opinion, this is due largely to an over-use of social media. In times of conflict, it is much easier to say hurtful things to another indirectly via a Smart phone or using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. People are losing the skills to be able to face another person directly and deal with the situation in a constructive way that builds a strong, healthy relationship.” says Christina Barruel of the Peace Foundation.

The Peace Foundation is a registered charity organisation which aims to promote peaceful relationships among people of all ages and cultures; from personal to global, through education, research and action. It has taught effective communication, peaceful conflict resolution, mediation, disarmament and general peace building skills to families, schools, workplaces and communities through a range of programmes and services since 1975.

Legal seminar: Estate planning @ Schoolmaster's House
Sep 7 @ 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

On the 7th of September four solicitors from Stainton-Chellew will visit to give a presentation about estate planning, that is wills, trusts and possibly living wills, followed by a chance for individual clinics to get personal advice. The workshops and clinics are free. More details and instruction on how to reserve an appointment will follow in our next WhatsUp as well as being posted on our website closer to the time.

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