Our funding

The Support Group can do its work thanks to funding from a number of government department, agencies and private donors. The most important institutions are listed in the footer below.

There have also been other small grants received over the years and in addition individuals and groups sometimes make donations for specific purposes such as the AFSG Youth Opportunity Grant.

Additional funding is gained through on-island fundraising projects, for example the New Year Picnic, sale of produce from the Community Garden, and a multitude of activities organised by the Youth Workers to raise funds for youth trips and camps.

Our funders

The work of the Support Group is made possible through financial assistance from the Ministry of Social Development, Oranga Tamariki / Ministry of Children, the Foundation North, the Lottery Grants Board, Auckland Foundation, the Tindall Foundation, the Auckland Council Great Barrier Local Board, and the Department of Internal Affairs with the Community Organisations Grants Scheme.

The Ministry of Social Development helps New Zealanders “to help themselves to be safe, strong and independent.” The MSD contributes funding to our youth programmes, families in crisis fund, counselling subsidies and the organisation of community education, workshops. Since 2017 the Ministry of Children has taken over this role.

The Foundation North (formerly the ASB Community Trust) is an independent grant-making organisation supporting the work of not-for-profit groups in Auckland and Northland.


The mission of the Lottery Grants Board is ‘to ensure empowered communities, community well-being and a sense of nationhood; and to ensure Treaty of Waitangi obligations are fulfilled’, by helping with supporting volunteers, enabling people to help themselves, promoting community wellbeing and addressing disadvantage, promoting community participation, inclusion and identity.

The Co



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