Lisa Eves is our Chair. She grew up on Great Barrier Island. She was a student at Mulberry Grove primary school and also did 3 years of high school through correspondence. Lisa lived in Taranaki for 20 years raising her 2 boys, before returning home in 2010.

Sue Eves was a founding member of the Trust and has been a trustee again since 2012. Before that she was the Family Services Manager for 18 months. She is the mother of 5, to date has 15 grandchildren and is already a great-grandmother. Sue is our treasurer and also our Senior Services Coordinator.

Norm Winger grew up on Great Barrier Island. He was a student at Okiwi primary school and also did some of his high school through correspondence. Norm and his wife Fleur lived in Taranaki for 6 years, returned home to help establish the Hillary Outdoors relationship at Orama and then left for Waiheke in 2008 – returning in 2016. In 2017 he he joined the AFSG trust board.

Other trustees are Ralph Golaboski (since 2015)Ngaire Avery (2018), Ed Hinson (2018).

Sue Thompson came to the island over three decades ago, raised a family here and has been working for the Trust since 1999, supporting all aspects of the organisations, including staff and trustees, as Administrator.

Rendt Gorter joined the Aotea Family Support Group in 2012 to organise funding, then took over the role of Family Services Manager. From 2015 to 2018 he was the Manager of the Aotea Family Support Group. He remains on the team as Funding Coordinator.

Kellie Cleave is our Youth and Family Services Worker.

Keri Lyon became the Youth Activities Coordinator in January 2018.