The Goal of the Aotea Family Support Group is …

Giving every island resident the opportunity to live healthy, fulfilling, independent lives, and to fully participate in the community.

In 2018 the Trust has 5 trustees, 4 management staff as well as employing over 25 part-time workers for home help and firewood supply. The trust is based in the Old School Building in Tryphena and also uses the extension offices at the Aotea Health Centre in Claris and at Okiwi School as needed.

Mission Statement

To provide social services to the people of Great Barrier Island that assists in addressing their social, physical, emotional and spiritual needs using the following values:

Tika –  The right methods and procedures, that uphold integrity and confidentiality at all times

Pono – a commitment to provide quality social services.

Aroha – the desire to explore all possibilities that life has to offer while interacting with others.

Aims & Objectives  (from original Trust Deed)

  1. Education for the community through workshops, seminars, and making available literature on issues relating to the wellbeing of the people in the Community.
  2. To provide a link with resources and groups in Auckland (and elsewhere) who can provide appropriate support and information required by anybody in the community.
  3. To provide referrals to already established support systems available locally and on the mainland
  4. To provide back-up service for people in a crisis situation
  5. To provide a resource library and recognized contact for departments and individuals to feed new information into the community, relevant to social issues.


Because of overlapping responsibilities we have developed and maintained a close working relationship with the Community Worker and the medical team of the Great Barrier Island Community Health Trust.

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